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Annual reports

Tearfund approached me to re-design their annual report in 2015. It was time to design a prestige piece of collateral that represented them as a worldwide charity.

A few more reports down the line and one on the go, we are still pushing the boundaries and making sure this is a piece of design that reflects the ethos and values that Tearfund hold dear.

“We have commissioned Helen to undertake 
a number of reports for Tearfund over the 
past few years. It has been great to work 
with Helen as the quality of her work is excellent. She works flexibly with us to meet deadlines. She always produces on time and to the highest standard, she also brings a wealth of design experience and knowledge into every project. She is professional, 
friendly and extremely talented. It has been 
a great pleasure.”

Catriona Dejean, Strategy and Impact Director at Tearfund

Annual Report - Cover Design
Report Layout Design
Tearfund - Annual Report Design
Annual Report - Layout Design
Tearfund - Report Layout Design
Annual Report Redesign

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